The Caddo Archeology Journal is devoted to the anthropology, history, geography, and current activities of the Caddo Nation, an American Indian group with a historical range covering the four-state area of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. The journal began as the Caddoan Archeology Newsletter in 1989 and in 1996 the name changed to simply Caddoan Archeology. Tim Perttula was founder and editor from 1989 until 1993 when Lois Albert became editor. Tim Perttula again resumed his editorial role in 2002. In 2003 the name was changed to Caddoan Archeology Journal, and in 2006 the name was changed again to Caddo Archeology Journal. Stephen F. Austin State University is now publishing the journal. Along with archeology, articles related to the ethnography, language, history, geography, and current activities of the Caddo Nation are encouraged. Book reviews are also included in the journal.

The journal is published once a year in March. Members receive a copy of the journal with their membership dues, starting with Vol. 22 (2012). Papers need not have been presented at an annual Caddo Conference Organization meeting in order to be considered for publication.

The Caddo Archaeology Journal publishes:

  • Articles directly related to the interpretation and evaluation of Caddo archeology and history that provide relevant consideration of an issue or theoretical position
  • Preliminary, review, and updated regional summaries of anthropological and historical work conducted within the Caddo region or has linkages to Caddo studies
  • Technical and methodological reports that are comprehensible to most readers and provide new insights into evaluating Caddo archeology
  • Book reviews related to Caddo publications on history, geography, ethnography, anthropology, and current activities of Caddo Nation

Information for Authors:

Articles should not normally exceed 10,000 words in length, including references. Reports should not exceed 5,000 words, including references. Prepare all submissions to follow American Antiquity Style.

Send submissions to

  • A Word file containing the complete paper (i.e., including abstract, tables and figures)
  • OR a Word file containing the text, references, table and figure captions, plus an individual file of each figure (600 dpi) and/or table. Excel files of tables can be submitted.

After submission, papers will be sent out to a minimum of two reviewers. Reviewer comments are requested within 30-days. Complete manuscripts (post review and edits) should be completed by December 31 for consideration in the following volume.

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